Friday, February 28, 2014

Website of the Week

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This week I have decided to focus on my mind and spirituality. A lot of what has to deal with that is my overall happiness. I know that I have talked about this before in one of my previous posts, but I believe that happiness is something that you can never get too much of. Even if you're super happy with your life, there are still ways that you can be happier, and who wouldn't want that? So this weeks Website of the Week goes to The Positivity Blog, a blog dedicated to life-long happiness. The blog written by Henrik Edberg, focuses on ways to change up your mentality and start living your life in a more positive way. Some of the most recent posts are How to Stop Worrying, How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, and 7 Fundamentals for Making Life an Exciting Adventure. One of my favorite posts, which I keep bookmarked in my Positivity folder (yes I have a positivity folder!), is How to Get a Great Start to Your Day. This post filled with 7 awesome tips will definitely help you have a less stressful day. Positivity is something that only you can create for your self, your not going to be happy no matter what good or bad things happen to you if you don't let yourself.


Xoxo, Bianca

Leave me a comment telling me some of YOUR fave websites & some ways you get happy!

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