Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Lovin'!

Hey guys,

I have just been so busy this summer its ridiculous, but I found some time to post for you all today! I hope all of your summers are going well, I know mine definitely is. Now that its summer and I am no longer in school, I have some more free time which means some time to watch YouTube beauty/fashion videos, I know, laaaame; I just have an obsession with YouTube, especially Akaydoll, who I very much recommend if you're in that YouTube mood. I love to watch videos to get some inspiration on what people are buying as far as makeup and the trends for this season. I've been doing a lot of thinking money-wise and I have come up with a great plan! I am going to be saving money, so I can't really spend too much, because I want to be able to pick up the newest and latest right before school starts! I am starting high-school this upcoming school year and I am going to make sure I look my best. I want to get into the "college-lifestyle" dressing mood if that makes any sense. So enough of that. Recently I went shopping and I got a few things for summer and I actually visited Macy's. I am so INLOVE with Macy's right now from their American Rag, Teen Vogue, and their NEW Ked's collections they have super duper cute things! Their new Ked's collection features items that are summery and laid-back, a lot of summer dresses, flowy shorts, and out doorsy things. I wanted to give you guys a peek at some of the items from Ked's, unfortuantely they aren't showing up here! So heres the link to their collection : Ked's

Xoxo, Bianca