Friday, March 14, 2014

Website of The Week


 It's Friday and that means.... it's the time for a brand new Website of The Week! Before we get into it, I just have a few updates for you all. The first thing that I would like to say is, this will be the last post in the Website of The Week series. ): I know that is sad! However, don't fret, there will be new weekly posts that will take place of Website of The Week. If you have any ideas, please let me know! I'm always searching for post inspiration and I would love to do posts requested by you all. So now that we have the updates over with, this weeks Website of The Week is IFB. IFB is a website where all of you fellow bloggers can learn what's new in the blogging community. I love IFB because whenever I am looking for blog inspiration, they fulfill my needs! IFB is a community of bloggers, with posts written by, you guessed, Bloggers! If you're a blogger, or you're just interested in what IFB has to offer, then go check it out. 


Xoxo, Bianca

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Website of The Week


 It is time for another Website of the Week, and this week's choice is.... Polyvore! I have been on Polyvore for just about 2 years and I think that it is super useful. I personally love looking at and creating inspiration boards which is basically what Polyvore is for. If you're ever wondering what is currently trending or if you simply need some outfit inspiration, then Polyvore is a great website to visit. I continue to use Polyvore for clothing inspiration however, I also create my own sets. My Polyvore account is here, but please don't judge me! Some of the sets on my account were created years ago so they may be very sloppy...I should probably delete them! Well, on a side note- I also have some great sets that I made last year. So head over to Polyvore if you haven't already, and if you make an account, be sure to follow the best (me)! I have included one of my sets below.

Trending for Spring

Xoxo, Bianca

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Monday, March 3, 2014

10 Trends for Spring 2014

Hello loves ✿

It's time to stuff away all your heavy sweaters and pull out your floral dresses and warm weather clothes. Spring is here!  Be in the know this Spring and discover the Top 10 Trends.

1. Ankle Cuff Sandals

Head over to the beach in these flirty sandals, giving a new take on your old spring footwear.

2. Bleached Denim

Bleached Denim is perfect for Spring! Layer over a floral dress or simply wear it with some cute shorts to the beach.

3. Fringe Everything!

Fringe can add a fun touch to anything; whether it be a fringe bandeau, or a stylish cover-up, don't be afraid to add some fringe!

4. Pleats

Pleats can give you the flirty or sophisticated look your striving for. They're perfect on shorts!

5. Cropped Shirts

The Cropped Top trend is still here. The Key to the Crop this season? Just a sliver of skin!

6. Wide Leg Pants

Relaxing pants are perfect for this season. Don't just wear shorts all the time, switch it up!

7. Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags are totally adorable, and with backpack-style straps, they make a day at the beach a breeze.

8. Leopard Prints

Leopard Prints are everywhere; dresses, tops, even watches! Are you daring enough?

9. Orange is the New Black

Orange is the new color of the season. Be bold and opt for pieces with this flashy color!

10. Logo Prints

Sport your favorite brands logo while looking stylish. This Spring, we're all about logo's!

Xoxo, Bianca

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