Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Magic of the Holidays

Hi all. I've been on the internet browsing through websites for the past 2 hours and since I am bored out of my mind, I've decided to write a little post about The Magic of the Holidays. I am completely in love with the thought of the holiday season and so I kind of poured my heart out about every little thing that makes it magical. So read on....

There's something about the month of December that gives me a tingly feeling and really does open up my mind. Of course it's the holiday season and Christmas is one of my highlights of the year but aside from all the gifts and candy canes, I truly feel that there is some sort of magic in the air. That may sound very cliché because Christmas is all about magic, but I get so happy and cheery around Christmastime, I tend to worry less and enjoy things more. Yes, gifts are great to receive, however, I think that spending quality time with family, going around town looking at the raddest Christmas decorated houses, listening to Christmas music and all the yummy food and baked goods around the house give the greatest pleasure. The reassurance that I am so blessed to be alive and make it around to this time of year, to create special memories with my friends and family that will create a lifetime of laughs, to see the little kiddo's run up to the lighted tree with presents galore all googly-eyed with widest grin, to be able to just sit back in the moment and take in all the happiness and laughs filled in the air; this is magic. Of course I'm not saying that if you don't celebrate Christmas, you don't get to experience this amazing magic; I believe that its not the certain holiday that creates all of these magical feelings, but the tradition that you carry with your friends and family, or maybe you just ride it solo. However you celebrate the holidays, I think that the crazy infatuation that we all have throughout the year and the excitement that we carry really does pay off. There are always going to be holiday scrooge's, well bah humbug to them. The holiday season is all about giving and love, that's what makes people so happy, and maybe the plethora of smiles people carry around this time and the random acts of kindness are what makes all the magic happen. Why can't we all be this happy all the time?

One of the many Christmas trees around my house-sorry for the bad quality.

Comment below your favorite thing about the holidays.

Xoxo, Bianca