Sunday, April 21, 2013

TOTD #18

 Hey all!
 As I was thinking of a blog post I remembered about my good ol' TOTD's (Tip of the Day's)! I haven't posted a TOTD since January which is kind of sad since it is such a great post, I think. So today I decided to post a TOTD, and a very helpful one, carry on!

 TOTD #18
 Many girls out there will make the mistake of wearing a dress that doesn't fit their all! Look in your closet and determine if you have the right style of dress for your body; for instance if you are short and petite (like me) you normally shouldn't go for long maxi's or tall gowns, this will just make you look like a midget (not that that's a bad thing..). You should try a nice dress that's just above the knees with a higher waistline to create a longer-leg look.

Photo from: RCFA

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