Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cute Headbands!

 I've never really been the type of girl that owns a bunch of head bands but once I heard about these I was all over them. My long time friend, Brady, let me in on these new hair accessories, Infinity Bands, about a year ago; but I really wasn't into hair then. This cool idea actually was invented by her little sister, Brylee. I just recently saw a post on Instagram and remembered about these cool accessories. So what makes these Infinity Bands so special? Well they are interchangeable! You will never wear the same headband again-well, I mean, you could since they're so darling. All the different swatches and embellishments that you can purchase makes it so easy to have just one headband. Headbands can take up a lot of room, having an interchangeable one will save some serious space. Plus, flower hair accessories are totally in for Spring; go ahead and splurge!

  Visit Ambrosia Designs (Infinity Bands Website)
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Xoxo, Bianca

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