Friday, January 24, 2014

Website of the Week

Hi dolls!

This past week has been a very busy & somewhat stressful week for me. Sunday morning I woke up to my right eye swollen shut due to conjunctivitis! ACKKKK! But since I have experienced that...I have been washing my hands like a germaphobe-as I should! Aside from all that, I went back to school after a much needed 4 day weekend. As much as I dread school, it was actually kind of nice to be back because it is now the second semester and that means SUMMER IS CLOSE!!!!! However, summer isn't the only thing that I am looking forward to. February is just around the corner, and we all know a certain day that falls on the 14th... VALENTINES DAY (whoa, I am way more excited then I should be)! Although I don't have a valentines and probably never will (I'm forever alone)... I just love Valentines Day. Maybe it's because of all the love in the air, or maybe its just the fact that there's lots of pink, who knows? But one thing is for sure, I love how my mom always does something special! One year, she made heart pancakes before school for my whole family, and trust me, that is special, she hardly ever gets up before 8 a.m.! Last year, she got heart donuts from Dunkin Donuts and oh my, I was in love. I can't wait to see what she's doing this year, I'm kind of looking forward to some heart donuts though. Alright, so now that I've blabbered on, it is time for the Website of the Week! I will try my best to have a Website of the Week posted every Friday, so without further ado...

The first Website of the Week is... Rookie!

Rookie Mag is a great website to reflect on the week or even just the day. They have some really interesting articles on pop culture and some other cool topics. Go ahead and check it out! They also have two yearbooks that you can by at Barnes & Nobles here, and what's super rad about Rookie is that about a third of Rookie staff are teenage writers, photographers and illustrators. You can read more about Rookie in the description here!

Xoxo, Bianca

Leave me a comment telling me some of YOUR fave websites!


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