Sunday, July 28, 2013

Technical Difficulty & Independence Day Post

Hello all,

I am very sorry to all of you that were looking forward to my festive 4th of July post, I had actually spent a great deal of time working on that post because I wanted it to be special. However, for some reason, the post had not gone up and I would really not like to waste the time I spent on it so I will be posting it...about a month late! 

Without further ado...

 Happy Independence day to all of us proud Americans. In honor of this special holiday, I decided to write a post inspired by all the festivities around the world. There is a lot going on today from BBQ's with your friends & family, festivals around town and firework celebration fun! Have nothing to do today? Throw a quick Independence Party, take your family out to see fireworks, or just hang out and eat 4th of July inspired treats! There is plenty to do this 4th of July so look at these fun ideas for a fun patriotic Independence Day.

In New York for the holiday? Go watch fireworks at the Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks event.

Want to spend the day indoors? Watch America's 4th of July Concert in Washington, D.C., LIVE on PBS from 8-9:30.

Thriving to host a July 4th BBQ? Get all your ideas on food, decorating and fun, here!
Cake pops make for an easy, patriotic treat!

Healthy eating is possible on all holidays! Recreate the flag with this fruit salad tray!

Try this super fab decorating idea on your lawn for your outdoor BBQ!

Your guests will leave happy with this treat! 
Get some colorful popcorn and put it in mason jars to give your guests a yummy take-home.
4th of July popcorn is available at select Target stores.

Xoxo, Bianca

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