Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Daily Makeup Favorites

 Do you have a signature daily makeup look, or do you change it up? Many girls have makeup that they use on a daily basis, and some that they use for special occasions. I like to keep a few products to wear to school to keep a natural look, but I have tons of makeup that I don't know what to do with!!!! Yet I still like to keep that makeup because it will come in handy, some me a makeup hoarder! But I'm not. According to LOVELYish, 1/3 Women won't leave their house without makeup on. Sounds crazy? Maybe it does, but wearing makeup gives women a boost of confidence that leaving their house with a bare face wouldn't. The question is, why? Every woman has a different answer, but most say it makes them feel "pretty" and "put together" or "professional". I know I feel different in makeup, I just don't know the exact reason...but I don't pile tons on my face, I wear the appropriate amount of makeup depending on wear I'm headed. For my school look, I like to keep it natural and clean, and not overloaded. Read on for a list of my daily products.

For my eyes, I use Chocolate bliss (The darkest brown) and Hot Cinnamon (On the top left square, the bottom triangle), I blend them together for a nice and calm look. I then apply bronzer, called Bronze Goddess, it gives me a shimmery look. 

To define my eyes some more, I use a Blackened Black eyeliner, from Estee Lauder. This liner applies easily and stays on long. I love this product!

To top off my eyes, I use the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara. This mascara gives your lashes a full, long look that every girl wants! (Sorry for the bad quality). 

For my lips, I use Plum Divine Shimmer Gloss, by Estee Lauder. This lip gloss has a purplish lasting color that you will love. Purple is a major color this year, and so is bold, so stay in style with this gloss. This is my go-to product! 

Pictures are mine, and all of these products are from Estee Lauder. 

Xoxo, Bianca

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